Event Transportation Service in Savannah, GA

Black Car service in Charleston

From the music scene to the culinary festivals held throughout the city, there are so many people looking for event transportation in Savannah. At Savannah Shuttle & Black Car Services, we specialize in corporate event transportation as well as private car service for bachelorette and bachelor party transportation. Essentially, if there is somewhere you need to go in style, our company will help your group get there safely and on time.

Events & Celebrations Deserve Special Treatment

Most events and celebrations are special occasions designed to be remembered for the rest of your life. So why would you leave anything up to chance? By booking a car service for your event, you are guaranteeing that your entire group will be able to attend and enjoy the festivities without having to worry about driving home. Even if it is a corporate event, our drivers allow you to focus on your meetings while we handle the private transportation.

Private Transportation TO and FROM Any Event

When we say that we help with any event, we mean it. Whether you’re headed downtown to catch a concert or way out on the coast to a private event, Savannah Shuttle & Black Car can take you to and from your destination. Including pickups all around the city and coordinated drop-offs for the most efficient route possible, we will take care of the driving so that you can relax.

Private Black Car Shuttle Service in Charleston

For private transportation, we help groups of all sizes get to and from their events. Whether it is bachelorette party transportation, which typically includes several fun stops, or corporate event transportation which requires strict punctuality and professionalism, we work accordingly.

Quite literally “at your service,” our event transportation can be completely customized to fit your schedule and needs. From the airport to the hotel, event space, and everything in between, our company will go above and beyond to make sure your private transportation is comfortable and stress-free.